Do me a favor…..

Pray for me…..




Let the depression begin.
College Algebra: F
Music Appreciation: B

I never received an F grade since attending Atlanta Metropolitan College, to which I never thought it would happen to me ever again. My situation is normal, but I really fouled up on that single Math class.
Push Myself Harder? I try.
Study hours a day? I try.
Have my A.D.D. brain remain focus? I try my DAMNEST.

Racism will never go away

As an African American 27 year old male, I’m proud of my race, but feel embarrassed at the same time, due to the activities and controversies about us or surrounding us. At the same time, I feel that race plays a negative role in friendships as well. Some people, fight back against racism as well, like in this very video.

View the Rainbow

The rainbow. Many colors spreaded through and stuck together, just like integration of races. That’s how God wants us to be, right? Some people out there would rather be color blind, than to even grab a spoon to taste the delightful neopolitian ice cream (if i spelled it right). The moral is: God Loves Us All.


I don’t care if people find me different. I don’t care if people find me eccentric. I don’t care if people find my views important. It’s all chasm to me. Now if you will excuse my 27 year old body, I shall jump to my side of the rock, where I belong.